LaTonya BW

LaTonya Irby,                                  
Owner and Founder
Digital Media Publisher

LT Media, LLC is a privately owned media company based in Southeast Michigan. The company was founded by LaTonya Irby who is the Owner, Creative Director and Digital Media Publisher.

As the owner, creative director and publisher, LaTonya plans, organizes and directs the business, management, and creative activities associated with the company's publications and video productions.

LaTonya holds a Master of Arts in communication with an emphasis in media studies from Wayne State University, a Bachelor of Science in mass communication, and a professional diploma in radio and television broadcasting, with a concentration in video production. Before launching LT Media, LaTonya fomerly worked as an adjunct faculty member at a private liberal arts college, and in cable television broadcasting. She is an innovative thinker and passionate creator with extensive knowledge and experience in media research strategies and creative media production. LaTonya is also the Owner, Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of VERGE Lifestyle and Urban Culture Magazine, which is a subsidiary publication of LT Media, LLC.

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